Are we there yet?!

November 9th, 2016 a memorable day. A day that’s been anticipated and prepared for like no other. People have paid close attention to, and followed along the journey leading up to this day. Media posts have been made… Moving day! (You didn’t actually think I’d talk about the presidential election, did you?)

Tonight is our first night sleeping in our actual home. After gathering our belongings from across the countryside we are starting to consolidate our belongings. In just over a year we have lived in 8ish “homes”, showered in at least 10 different friends/families showers, had well over 100 different people volunteer and help us along the way, and worked our butts off to get to this point. We are not completely done building our home. We are however settling into the basement as we run the final leg of this building journey. Here’s a sneak peek at our set up:


We are very much looking forward to not being “the needy friends” and are excited to start paying it forward. We can not thank the people enough who have showed up continually eager to lend a helping hand! We could not have done this with out you.


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