Straw Bales in Disguise

This past week we hired a backhoe/operator to dig in our main power line to the house. He worked by the house all morning and then came in to ask Jason a question. When he walked in he was very surprised! “Oh, I guess it makes sense now why there’s all the straw outside!” he exclaimed. Although our home has a very different feel to it, the straw bales will not be obvious for very much longer. Outside the house is completely sealed. The parge coat of stucco is complete and windows are all installed!



The parge coat of stucco is rough. Jason, Jon and myself learnt a lot as we worked. The next coat will be thinner and even out remaining variances. The final coat will be coloured and applied with the desired texture. For now, we are celebrating that the outside is sealed up for winter! It is actually beneficial to wait until spring to apply the following coats. Winter gives the parge coat extra time to cure only making it a stronger base.

Yesterday we completed insulating the roof! It is rated at R50 matching the rating of our straw bale wall insulation value. We originally hoped to use blow in insulation. The pitch of our roof is too steep for this option. Due to the cost of our remaining options we choose bat insulation. It may not be the most pleasant and best option. By layering the bats we felt we were able to reach the insulation rating we wanted.

The interior framing is completely finished. Plumbing is a work in progress. I am happy to announce we have a working toilet, shower and sink! My main requirements before moving in. Electrical work is largely roughed in.


My dad continues to bless us showing up regularly. We attended a conference this past week and arrived home to our upstairs framed, wired, closets built, kitchen table set up, toilet installed and work area cleaned up.


If you are wanting to see the inside of our straw bale home before it is sealed up you are running out of time. Our next big project is to stucco the inside.



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